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Causing a chain reaction of changed perception

The farm world has become saturated by the do’s and don’ts of agvocating.

As a public relations consultant specializing in finding the right tools, platforms and words that help agribiz connect with stakeholders and consumers, I’ve been “guilty” of adding to the noise.

But as a new year approaches I feel we need to do the obligatory stop-and-take-stock: let’s look at what we have, what we’ve done and how we we can improve our efforts moving forward.

I hope that people have had great success acting as agvocates using the various methods and social media platforms available. Every little effort adds up to one big, cumulative result in the end. But I’m afraid that for some consumers it’s to the point that they’re blocking it all out, because it’s redundant and repetitive.

People want new. They want to be wowed by something they haven’t seen or heard before. It’s inherent in our human nature to want to explore and learn and improve ourselves – if for no other reason than to show off our new-found knowledge to peers.

There are numerous ways to be the catalyst that will tip off a chain reaction to help change perceptions about agriculture. From capitalizing on people’s emotional intelligence and psychometrics to good old-fashioned education and understanding human’s fear of the unknown you can come up with innovative ways to wow your audience. And if you need a little help lighting up your creative fire we’re only an email or call away!

Here’s to a new year full of positive change!


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