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3 Practical tips to promote your ag business every day

While most industries have some form of public relations with their target audiences, it has been difficult in the past for the small farmer budget, time or tool wise.

Thanks to social media, a curious audience and easy mobility, however, this has changed drastically – and for the better. Farmers can now open a window through which consumers can view their busy and productive day of growing the food they enjoy.

A few things you can carry out effortlessly each day:

Social media

Social media tools and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, and even Pinterest are easy to use, cost nothing*, and can be done in seconds on the go (with your smart phone).

Heading to the back 40 to plant this year’s corn crop? You can tweet about it.

Working in the greenhouse planting this summer’s tomatoes? You can post a photo on Instagram.

Looking to share your experiences with others about your bee keeping adventures? Write a blog entry.

Host an event

It doesn’t have to be big; you could just invite direct market customers or pair up with the local farmers’ market or grocery store and invite some VIP’s to your farm for a visit. Or a hay ride, pumpkin patch picking contest, corn maze….You get the idea. Basically, it’s providing you a captive audience to whom you can talk all about your farm or industry and address any myths, questions or concerns.

If you don’t want the hassle of developing all the logistics around an event you can always sign on to an annual event like the Union des producteurs agricoles du Quebec’s  (Quebec’s agricultural producers’ union) “Portes Ouvertes” (Open House).

Be an everyday agvocate

You’re at the grocery store and you hear some people discussing the quality and price of imported Brussel sprouts – and it just so happens that you’re a Brussel sprouts grower! You could politely inject yourself into the conversation and answer questions – and of course plug your local Brussel sprouts business while you’re at it! 😉

Thanks to initiatives like Agriculture More Than Ever you can wear your ag pride, fly a banner or use their ready-made infographics and ag fact sheets so you don’t even have to come up with the stuff yourself! How much simpler could it be to be an agvocate?!

Let us know what you do to promote the ag industry.

And if you need help developing some tangibles (ie: communications/marketing/PR material) around an idea you have our social agrInnovation™ services are only an email away!

*Some offer premium packages with all kinds of bells and whistles for a small yearly fee, but you’ll do just fine with their free versions.


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