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social agrInnovation™

So, we recently launched our line of social agrInnovation™ tools & services – but what does that mean? Who is it for? How can they can help?

social agrInnovation™ forms the basis for how we think about and approach issues. It’s the answer to our “idea translation”  formula. And it’s the definition for the passion, creativity, and thought innovation we inject into every project.

social agrInnovation™ is :

  • how we connect urban and rural with social and/or educational initiatives both on-line and off.
  • how we create and strategize business or organizational projects, initiatives, and products or services that follow the innovation –> brand activation –> customer implication (buy-in) cycle.
  • how we curate and amplify the connectedness between people to strengthen innovative products/technologies for Canadian agriculture.
  • social persuasion through the written word.
  •  relationship marketing: it’s about creating and developing contact –> connection –>  conversation.

 Alba PR Cloud

In the last 70 years Canadian agriculture has morphed and matured into a leading world player. From the advent of post-war chemicals to the Green Revolution to environmental stewardship plans today’s ag industry directly creates one in eight jobs in Canada and contributes 8% to the country’s GDP. Oh yah: and we feed the entire country, too.

As entrepreneurs and business leaders Canada’s farmers could easily take top prize. There is no shortage of passion and knowledge to generate ideas and certainly innovative approaches to ubiquitous challenges and disruptions. But sometimes hardworking and humble farmers get stuck on how to convey all the value they bring to the Canadian table. Sometimes they need someone to supply them with the fork and plate to help them serve up just what consumers and target audiences need to know. 

Our mission : Brand Awareness Agriculture

Alba PR develops ideas and tools that encourage easy customer conversations, engagement, and implication. We develop persuasive relationship marketing tools using a mix of both new (social media) and old (print).

If one thing is as sure as you need sun and cloudless skies to make hay it’s that agriculture is one industry where innovation is fundamental to survival. That’s why social agrInnovation™ is not only our philosophy, but the soil from which our services and tools have grown. Do we consider ourselves radical? Not really. But we do strive to help our clients inspire change among key audiences, cultivate mutually beneficial relationships, and curate relevant content—and the sum of all strategic small steps can lead to radical change!

So what does that all mean in a practical application sense? Here are a few examples:

social – developing ideas, communications and PR strategies, and communications collateral (eg: website, logo design, translations, video, online communities etc.) around social, community, educational, and organizational ventures and initiatives like Farmers Matter, The People’s Food Policy, Agriculture in the Classroom, the BrAG Awards, etc. Social also stands for the relationships we help create between your business/organization and your target audiences; it’s the online community connections we help grow; and it’s the opportunities for openness and information exchanges we try to help you create with others whether that means consumers, students or industry stakeholders.

innovation – developing marketing, communications and PR plans for micro-ag, agripreneurial, and agri-business ventures. Innovation is also for the thought-provoking, forward-thinking and unique approaches to promoting the best Canada’s ag industry has to offer.

And we think the ‘agri’ part is pretty self-explanatory. 🙂

Questions? Need some direction? Have an idea, but not sure where to go next? We’d be excited to help!



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