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Welcome to the new Alba PR

As an extension of Alba PR the Tin Can Communications blog has, in the past, focused on somewhat random PR, marketing and communications, and word concepts, tidbits and miscellany.

With the recent launch of our new social agrInnovation™ tools and services our blog will now be focusing more on agricultural communications and PR as well as tools, insight, and advice for creative SME and agripreneurial ventures.

In terms of clients this certainly doesn’t mean we’re exclusive; we’re always up for a challenge and the opportunity to stretch the creative brain God or natural selection gave us is what keeps us going. Who needs energy drinks?

So what does social agrInnovation™mean?

Using a mix of both new (social media) and old (print) Alba PR develops persuasive public relations and communications tools to:

  1. connect urban and rural with social and/or educational initiatives both on-line and off
  2. create and strategize business or organizational projects, initiatives, and products or services that follow the innovation –> brand activation –> customer implication (buy-in) cycle
  3. curate and amplify the connectedness between people to strengthen innovative products/technologies for Canadian agriculture
  4. generate social persuasion through the written word
  5. encourage relationship marketing by creating and developing contact –> connection –> conversation.

And there’s lots more to come! Stay tuned as we add other complementary social agrInnovation™ tools and services to the menu!

Meanwhile, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Have a question? Think you can use our help? Contact us to learn more!


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