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I think entrepreneurialism is an inherent personality trait in some people.

Ever since I was a kid I was always doing things that in an adult would be classed as having an entrepreneurial spirit. I would organize my brother and cousins togther to play school, carefully copying out by hand four copies of all ‘homework’ they’d have to do, making sure the lesson plans were done, and chivvying all the boys into order. I had several books, all for specific tracking purposes: what the weather was like, what rocks I had collected, journals to note events and ideas. In high school I helped initiate and organize the first 30 Hour Famine, the environmental group, and reusable dishes in the cafeteria. As a college student I managed retail businesses while attending class full-time. From child to adult I have actively sought out situations and jobs for the love of work, risk, and the possibility of solving a problem, facing a challenge head-on.  There was never a doubt in my mind that what I wanted to do was use my creativity, determination, stubborness and hard work to one day have my own business.

I think entreperneurialism is an art form.

Like other art forms, being an entrepreneur takes creativity. It requires you to think outside the box. You have to be willing to take risks for what you believe in. And you have to be your own biggest fan working long and hard to get your stuff out there, because you believe you have something important to offer.

I think entrepreneurialism has endless possibilities.

As far as your brain can reach, as imaginative as you can be, as much risk as you’re willing to take, and as much money as you can get to further your venture are the only limitations to the possibilities and opportunities!


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