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Spelling isn’t trendy anymore.

There have been two casualties in the world as we know it thanks to social media:

  1. trends can come and go in the matter of a few hours at the speed things can fly around the world over the internet; we don’t even get to enjoy them before they’re gone.
  2. proper spelling and grammar seems to have been relegated to the past with such things as record players and handwritten letters.

I literally cringe every time I see the following:

  • “your” and “you’re” used interchangeably or in the wrong instance
  • “their” and “they’re” used interchangeably or in the wrong instance
  • really bad mistakes like ‘we hope you really enjoyed your time experience at __________’ – as if they expect the software to alert them to the fact that they’ve used two similar words together
  • and various other ridiculously lazy mistakes the list of which would go on and on…

I’m not perfect; I’ve made and will continue to make mistakes as long as I’m human. (For that matter, even if I was a robot I’d only be as good as the person or people who programmed me.) But teaching kids to spell phonetically and never correcting them, accepting social media abbreviations (‘ur’, ‘b4’) as adequate spelling, and not stressing proper spelling and grammar in general will only contribute to society’s acceptance of lazy behaviour which, in my humble opinion, does not bode well for the future.

We’ve worked so hard in this country to develop a top-notch education system that is accessible to all. Education is the key to maintaining a modern, sustainable economy. I feel like we are regressing. And that makes me 😦


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