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Writing technology – an oxymoron?

I eagerly await every issue of The Writer magazine – and barring any deadlines or emergencies, promptly sit down and read the entire issue at once!

The words ‘technology’ and ‘writing’ might seem oxymoronic seeing as how writing is a pretty basic art form (fingers to pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard to printer), but with the advent of word processors, the internet and social media a good writer takes advantage of these tools to research for and spread their work, build a platform, stay in touch with their peers and critique groups, and enhance what they have to offer.

What’s fun is The Writer’s technology for writers news, some of which I shared a few posts ago and will continue to share with you now.

This month they’re discussing SoundCloud, “a leading social sound platform, with more than 7 million creators, that enables anyone to create, record, promote and share their original sounds on the web,” according to Manolo Espinosa, head of audio at SoundCloud. The article states that writers are using it to record things like personal notes, interviews, and book readings. By uploading pre-recorded files they can embed them in websites or blogs and subsequently share them across social media. Authors can also use this tool to send audio to their editors and publishers can use it as a new way to reach readers where they can share author interviews or let readers know about new releases.

The Writer also discussed Booktrack, a new company which has created movie-style soundtracks that can be used to accompany e-book versions of classic literary works or short stories. The sounds includes music, ambient noise and relevant sound effects. The technology senses how fast a reader is reading (!) so the soundtrack will unfold correspondingly.

How fun is it to be a writer – and reader! – in the 21st century?!


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