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Symptoms of Tin Can Communications Syndrome include:

  • company communications materials that are tinny: they are hollow in meaning, droning, lacking any unique substance
  • communications that are loosely strung together
  • communications that don’t stand out and are barely audible
  • communications that have no goal or objectives
  • communications that keep getting the same end result: little action or participation
  • sweaty palms at just the thought of having to write something that will captivate your audience and spur them to action

Luckily, Tin Can Communications Syndrome can be turned around with a few simple tools and techniques.

You can turn tinny, hollow, barely audible communications into solid, flashy, unique messages with clear, concise writing and a little creativity and ingenuity thrown in for good measure. If a couple of kids can figure out that two plain tin cans with a bit of string can act as a conduit of conversation then surely we can help you translate your product and service conversations and ideas into punchy materials that will help you get the right messages out to the right people.

In future blogs we’ll explore communications, marketing and PR tactics and insight into relevant small- to medium-sized business  topics; how our company (Alba Public Relations) can help you achieve your communications goals; general thoughts and advice on writing and literature; as well as a few book reviews and recommendations just for fun.

In short, we hope that by osmosis you’ll be able to cure yourself of Tin Can Communications Syndrome.

Do you suffer from Tin Can Communications Syndrome?

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